PROBETA AREA. Advanced tools for your furnishing project

Get your free access to the ProBETA Area. Advantages:

The full library of 3D models

You can download the entire 3D models library of real Furnishing products from the ODG8 Brands Selection. Using them with Sweet Home 3D you can take advantage of the customized features developed to speed up the design and to be connected with ODG8 network of Manufacturers. An ideal tool for both home users and interior designers including sectors like real estate agencies and retailers.

A Continuous update

The 3D models library follows the continuous growth of new brands and new products on ODG8.
You will be able to easily update the library every time you need. In this way you can make your projects look fresh and can design using elements that are always in production and available.

Plugin for Sweet Home 3D

The subscription to the PRO Area and the exclusive partnership with Sweet Home 3D will allow you to be up to date on new features created to improve the designing experience and getting a better connection and interaction with all the international ODG8 network of users and companies.

Be informed on opportunities

You will be updated on new projects and ODG8 initiatives to make users and companies know each other.
A way to keep in touch with business opportunities, to exchange ideas and to take advantage of all new tools.



Download for free the 3D library & the new Plugin.

Enjoy and stay tuned.

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