How to use “O”

Furnishing with style has never been so 'simple': "Choose, Try, We will carry it to you"


The choice should be a pleasure. A careful selection made by our network of experienced designers and decorators will guide you through the quality and style of the Made in Italy.


Thanks to the 3D models and the planner, try the matching and dimensions of the selected products inside your space. You will have more confidence that what you are purchasing is what you really need.

We will carry it to you

We want every product to be delivered to you with the same passion put by manufacturers to create it. For this we choose the best courier companies to provide specialized services that every piece of furniture needs.

Some tips on how to proceed

Creating the right style for your home requires important choices and sometime it is not easy. Therefore we decided to help you by sharing some tips and tools that can support you in finding the best solutions to decorate your space, from your space. In fact which place is better to furnish your home ... than your home?

  • Step 1: Download SweetHome3D for free.
    SweetHome 3D is very intuitive and user friendly. Anyway you can find here a brief guide to all aspects, even the most advanced. If you prefer a video tutorial you can use this here. Alternatively, on the Internet you can find thousands of video tutorials related to SweetHome3D, in many languages.
    We suggest  to start from the first room that you want to furnish, as soon as you will learn how it works for a room you will design the rest of the  house faster. When the architectural elements (such as doors, windows, stairs etc.) will be placed, you will be ready for the Step 2.
  • Step 2: View and Download from M2ITALIA the 3D Model files of the products that you would like for your space.
    Start selecting with the left bar of the “Shopping Options” research your products, according to your priorities (Style, Category, Budget, Designer, etc.). The "3D" blue logoon the top right of any product preview, indicates that the 3D model is available. By Clicking on the product, in the product page, you can read the details, look at the pictures, have a 3D preview and finally download the free 3D model file. The first time you will be required to accept the rules of the platform. Of course If you have already decided you want to purchase the product you can get it already at this step, for sure we can offer to you the best deal.
    You can view the downloaded product into your 3D room simply by  opening  the  file. The model will automatically be placed in the folder "My ODG8 Selection" on the left-top tab of SweetHome3D, followed by the category of the product ( dining room, bedroom, etc..).
  • Step 3: Use your 3D models to change the look of your room.
    Drag and drop the 3D models of your favorite products into your 3D room. With functions as "create photo" and "create video" you can obtain extremely realistic previews of the final result. At the end, if you are satisfied you can click on the link "Details" under the product name and go back to the product page on ODG8 to purchase the item at the best price and with our delivery service designed for you.


Remember to always save your room and do not trash your project. We are preparing for the future many new features forwhich it can be useful.