The beginning of the Renaissance

"...prese un foglio et in quello con un pennello tinto di rosso, fece un tondo sì pari di sesto e di proffilo che fu a vederlo una meraviglia..."
(... he took a sheet and over it with a brush dipped in the red, he drew a circle, it was so perfect that from every perspective it was a wonder...)
"The Life of Giotto" by Giorgio Vasari

I am "O" ODG8

The world of quality design to your home.

"O" is the international community of ODG8 (O di Giotto), the web platform that completes the furnishing experience for millions of users and designers who daily use SweetHome3D, universally the most loved interiors 3D planner.

Now, with "O", you can easily recreate a free 3D preview of your space and then furnishing it according to your style, with your favorite products, connected directly to the selected network of Craftsmen and Brands.
Wherever you are, ODG8 offers you the best prices and the best purchasing conditions.


Furniture is not a common product. A simple e-commerce is not enough, skills are required.

"O" offers an innovative and practical solution to all the following needs:

  • A starting point to design the right look for your space with easy tools to guide you through the World of Design Furnishing;

  • An help to define the furnishing budget or an instrument to know what you can do with your budget;

  • A close reference, a designer or a local retail store to guide you through the widest possible choice;

  • A way to use your time better enjoying your free time, avoiding to waste petrol looking around for the best price;

  • A preview that makes you confident and proud about the new look of your home. Sure sizes, colors and style matching, before purchasing.

  • A growing selection of quality items to meet your expectations and to help you to prevent from purchasing useless products.

With "O", from the comfort of your home, you are able to reinvent your space by choosing selected items to be placed in a preview of your home. You have indeed access to an always wider design-furnishing network, divided by  Values, Top Brand, Best Design, Hand Made and Made in Italy.

  also keep you up to date on new features that we are developing to get in touch with industry insiders, making your experience always more complete.
"O" has the trust of users because we respect and protect your privacy.


The price is important

For us, the price is a recognition for what really has got a value: you satisfactio and the product. For this reason our prices are always an opportunity.


The "O" team

We are a team dedicated to an innovative style of doing business based on a simple principle "People first". Our Mission is therefore to ensure the best price for everything that is valuable, offering an international window to all those Craftsmen, Manufacturers, Designers, Architects and Retailers that bring tangible values to the world of design-furniture and beyond. The products that we promote must be the means to share the Culture, Style, Passion, Experience and Ethics by which they were generated.

"Cutting the value chain makes sense only if … It does not eradicate values"